Impact of earthquakes on the grid 5.12 Sichuan earthquake, causing huge losses to the domestic economy, numerous power transmission equipment are already destroyed, arduous task of reconstruction for electrical, mechanical equipment industry opportunities, and thus an enormous need for power transmission cable Cable Industry features a larger market share. China Securities J




ournal elimination, following your earthquake, the nation's grid owned Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Chongqing, 4 provincial power company affected, total outage for longer than 35 kV and 245 substations, 10 kV and above Transmission Lines 3322 Article; Minjiang River 6 station was seriously damaged; company operating in 23 cities (prefectures), 110 counties may take a hit power supply.

Based on preliminary statistics, the nation's grid inside the earthquake disaster in direct economic losses of more than 12 billion yuan, of which the business more than 10.6 billion yuan in Sichuan.



Expected post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction have to be invested 34.6 billion yuan. Thus triggered massive variety of people to the wire Cable Through the discussion, this earthquake may detonate the wire and cable market. Overhead wires and power cables are the indispensable basis for power transmission equipment, including ACSR, aluminum (alloy) Stranded, Stranded Aluminum-clad steel core so. They depend on the creation of power industry development, market demand is also growing. Cable industry prospects Wire and cable first, to speed up integration of resources, guided by macroeconomic policies, actively promote a and enterprise restructuring, the promotion of business structure optimization.

Actively promote the organization of enormous enterprise groups and SMEs in specialized production and the formation of industry scale and specialized production system. Second, the play association's role inside the progression of the, create a bridge between business and government. Concurrently provide better play to shield the overall interests of the marketplace and regulate the, the role of market order. With all the increasing power of product quality supervision and spot checks, depending on the country unified, standardized, transparent, open market. Third, actively promote the brand strategy, from the integration of superior resources, to drive the to boost the entire level. Should science, business-oriented, power to boost the independent research and development, vigorously develop new products and promote upgrading of products. Promote the industry leading enterprise application depending on collaboration and joint research and product reliability study, to style, manufacture, operation and gradually increase the level. Fourth, technological transformation of enterprises to improve efforts to proceed from the basic production processes, active utilization of high quality and efficiency of technical equipment, away from inefficient, high consumption and pollution of the environment of obsolete equipment. Emphasis on resource conservation, product technology, production technology, and enhance sustainable development capacity, and enhance product line automatic detection capabilities. Fifth, and vigorously promote the green production technology, the actively developing environmentally friendly wire and cable products. Meanwhile, efforts to improve management level, and actively promote the institutionalization of management, meticulous management and market operation, comprehensively boost their overall operational efficiency, promote the industrialization of the profession affect the growth mode.